Saturday, August 10, 2013



Vegetable Market



White man!

Tractor Park


Joyful said...

I enjoyed these photos. I like looking at photos in larger size so I click to enlarge.

Were you visiting in India or do you and your wife live there? The street images remind me a lot of the African cities I've visited (minus the Hindu temples of course).

David C Brown said...

Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed them. I was on one of my visits; I try to go about once a year to visit believer on the Lord Jesus there. It's quite an experience to be with them as they worship in a heathen land. From the photos I've seen of Africa I reckon it's equally chaotic. I love just wandering about.

Haddock said...

Like these candid shots of India.

Pia said...

I've always wanted to visit india.